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Description:   Pure And Simple Protocol (PASP) framework. The Java source code shows how to passdata over the network through a testing port 12345. The message format has lines of\\\\\\\"key:value\\\\\\\" like in HTTP forms. It gets terminated by an

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Linux firewall for Modbus/TCP protocol Netfilter extention to make filtering decisions based on Modbus/TCP headers, such as function code, unit id and reference number. Modbus/TCP is a widely used industrial ethernet protocol.

Loebner Prize Protocol This is a project to create an encapsulation layer for the Loebner Prize Protocol. The interface passes messages by the sendMessage(String s) and getMessage() methods. sendChar(String s) sends a single-character stringsendMessage(String s) simulates typing using lists of word and bigram frequenciesgetMessage() returns a string of ...

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Monesa-simple script to monitoring hosts Monesa is a set of simple script for monitor hosts based in icmp protocol (ping). It was created simply to test from time to time hosts contained in the list. In case that host does not answer, Monesa sends email for the specified address, and ...

Multimon Digital Data Protocol Decoder Multimon is a digital baseband audio protocol decoder useful for demodulating AFSK, FSK, HAPN, ZVEI, POCSAG, and DTMF signaling commonly used in amateur and commercial radio data services.

Music daemon Music daemon is a music playing server supporting multiple formats through plugins and multiple playlists. It has a simple protocol for control and communication for frontends.

Open Simple Flasher/Dumper (OpenSFD) OpenSFD (Open Simple Flasher/Dumper) is a future of well-known SGHFD (SGH Flasher/Dumper) which can flash (firmware program) or dump (get data) many Samsung phones in a few clicks. The project is educational and intended for non-commercial use only.

OpenAIR - the AI Routing Protocol openAIR is a free implementation of the OpenAIR (Artificial Intelligence Routing) protocol, first proposed by CMLabs and now fully supported by the Mindmakers.org network. See the full documentation and specification at www.mindmakers.org.

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Pure Interaction Pure Interaction is a formal model on how to encode human-computer interaction. This project will implement the Pure Interaction Corba Interfaces and create an implementationfor C++ and X-Windows called the FOH-framework.

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